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Positive Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

Positive Entrepreneurs Network, created in 2010 by entrepreneurs with the support of Poseco, is the Belgian network of social entrepreneurs. Positive Entrepreneurs are empowering people who base their core business on human, social and ecological values.

What We Do

Connecting social entrepreneurs with eachother and with key stakeholders helping to create economic opportunities. We also inspire entrepreneurs, universities and political authorities for this innovative entrepreneurship.

Why We Do It

To strengthen social entrepreneurs themselves and to develop the movement of social entrepreneurship in Belgium. More social entrepreneurs means more social impact to create a better world.

The main conference

Business models and the economy are changing! Are you?

Share experiences at this conference!

The conference will be in French and open to the public.

The speakers at our main conference are well-known entrepreneurs, stakeholders from the circular economy, service economy or sharing economy.
They will be asked "how do you manage to combine social values and business ? What are the innovative tools and models for social entrepreneurship? What drives you ? What are your challenges for the future? How do you use digital technology in a creative way to tackle complex social issues ?”

Anyone in for social, positive entrepreneurship?

New business models require new skills from students and young starters, as well as inter-disciplinary approaches. A talent for collaboration is needed. Innovative and viable business ideas are more likely to arise from technical, scientific and creative studies. Education, healthcare, energy, financing, all tastes are catered for.

Wednesday, 25th March 2015
Solvay Brussels School
Avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 48 - 1050 BRUSSELS
ULB - Campus du Solbosch - Building "R"

18.00 : Welcome & Badging

You can pick up your badge at the Welcome Desk (in the Atrium - stage 2).

18.30 : Conference “Business models and the economy are changing! Are you?”

Welcome speech:

Thierry Vandebroek - Founder & Director of POSECO

Review of the afternoon workshops:

Ambassadors - Nexense Solvay Social Business Club

Introduction to the thematic:

Caroline Godts - Knowledge manager of Sociale Innovatie Fabriek

The key speakers:

Damien Dallemagne - Co-Founder & CEO of INNERGIC

Didier Pierre - Founder & CEO of Nearly New Office Facilities (NNOF)

Etienne Hayem - Connector for Ouishare & Founder of SYMBA, Pierre-Alexandre Klein,Ouishare

Sebastien Morvan - Co-founder of Beer Project

Closing speech:

Contribution of Didier Gosuin* - Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Responsible for Employment & Economy

19:45 Networking Drink

A unique networking time accompanied by sustainable food & drinks with all the current and future key-actors of societal entrepreneurship.

The project could be realized thanks to the contribution of our partners: Agence de Stimulation Économique & Social Innovatiefabriek & Plan C & Ecocup & Ethiquable & BCDE Catering & Mano Mano & Beer Project


Thierry Vandebroek - Founder & CEO of POSECO

Thierry Vandebroek has a background in strategic consulting and communication. He decided to take his career in a new direction and wanted to respond with his new activities to social challenges. He is at the origin of the term “Positive Economy” and founded the association POSECO. Amongst its main activities, the association POSECO founded the Positive Entrepreneurs Network, the Students Positive Awards and the program Inspiration Days.

More info about POSECO

Ambassadors - Nexense Solvay Social Business Club


Nexense Solvay Business Social Club is a committee of 15 members created in 2013 to support and develop the social and environmental awareness of the SBS-EM. Nexense was founded after participating in the Inspiration Days Solvay edition 2013! Promote the emergence of societal vocations among students, Strengthen the connexion between business schools and the working world and change the content of economics courses related to the current challenges are the main objectives of their initiative.

More info about Nexense Solvay Social Business Club

Caroline Godts - Knowledge Manager of Sociale Innovatiefabriek

Caroline Godts is the Process Manager of « Sociale InnovatieFabriek », a Flemish organization that promotes, encourages and facilitates social innovation and social entrepreneurship in Flanders and Brussels. "Sociale Innovatie Fabriek" focuses on major social challenges such as poverty, climate change, loneliness and urbanization. Both associations and companies can use "Sociale InnovatieFabriek" to refine their concepts, seek or provide expertise, expand their network, as well as having access to finance for social innovation projects.

More info about Sociale Innovatiefabriek

Damien Dallemagne - Co-founder & CEO of INNERGIC

Damien Dallemagne is founder and CEO of Innergic, a specialized consultancy created in 2008 with the purpose to accompany the transformation of organizations as vectors of positive and sustainable change in our society. Damien’s work focuses mostly on the implementation of sustainable business models (in particular based on the principles of the functional and cooperation economy) and of new leadership and governance modes within organizations, as well as on corporate social responsibility.

Didier Pierre - Founder & CEO of Nearly New Office Facilities (NNOF)

Didier Pierre is founder and CEO of the company NNOF based in Vilvoorde. Since the turn of the century, he started educating himself about a phenomenon called climate change. He came to the conclusion that he had do something, that he had to act. As a manager, he wanted especially to be ‘a responsible social entrepreneur’. He combined ecological thinking with a socially sustainable and viable business model. NNOF starts from existing resources, the existing office furniture of the client, and uses these ‘building blocks’ to design and realize new contemporary workplaces. An interesting story about the opportunities that exist in the circular economy.

More info about NNOF

Etienne Hayem - Connector for OuiShare & Founder of SYMBA

Etienne Hayem, 30 years old, consultant, blogger, is at the initiative of the cooperative Symba: a new complementary regional coin, supported by the region Ile-de-France (Paris). Symba gives credit to small companies, companies that have a positive impact : social, environmental and/or economical. According to Etienne Hayem, the new local coins and global cryptocoins represent two sides of the same movement, that wants to give new meaning to money. He participated to the creation of the OuiShare and is active as a connector for OuiShare. He animates a group OuiShare money on monetary questions. He represents the sharing economy.

Pierre-Alexandre Klein, 28 years old, entrepreneur, neuroscientist, is at the initiative of Pressformore and Hackistan: the former is a digital platform that reconnects authors and readers through crowdsourcing and crowdfunding mechanisms while the latter is a tool-space laboratory for innovation in Brussels including a fablab, a coworking space and a science lab. He is an active member of the OuiShare movement. He represents the sharing economy.br>
More info about Symba

Sebastien Morvan - Co-Founder of Beer Project

Sebastien Morvan is the co-founder of Brussels Beer Project, a participatory microbrewery whose motto is "co-creation of atypical beers". With less than 2 years of existence, Brussels Beer Project is already the troublemaker of the Belgian brewing scene with the central idea of "co-creation of atypical beers". His first creation Delta was elected by over a thousand people in Brussels during tastings / crowdsourcing in the summer of 2013. Brussels Beer Project also lifted the largest crowdfunding reward of Belgium with its campaign "Beer for Life" where subscribers could receive 12 beers every year ... a lifetime! The last nugget: Babylon, a special beer brewed from recycled fresh bread.

More info about Beer Project

Didier Gosuin - Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, Responsible for Employment & Economy

Didier Gosuin, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region, responsible for Employment, Economy and Fire-fighting and Emergency Medical Assistance, Minister, Member of the Board of the French Community Commission (COCOF), responsible for Vocational Training. He holds a ‘régentat’ in french and history and later obtained a ‘licence en Sciences du travail’. He teaches a couple of years before launching a sales company in pralines and an office of accounting. Finally he chooses politics and enjoys a long and successful political career...

More info about Brussels - Employment & Economy