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Positive Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

Positive Entrepreneurs Network, created in 2010 by entrepreneurs with the support of Poseco, is the Belgian network of social entrepreneurs. Positive Entrepreneurs are empowering people who base their core business on human, social and ecological values.

What We Do

Connecting social entrepreneurs with eachother and with key stakeholders helping to create economic opportunities. We also inspire entrepreneurs, universities and political authorities for this innovative entrepreneurship.

Why We Do It

To strengthen social entrepreneurs themselves and to develop the movement of social entrepreneurship in Belgium. More social entrepreneurs means more social impact to create a better world.

Workshops "Tools and Support"

The interactive workshops in the afternoon are in Dutch and free of charge.

These workshops will start at 15:45.

The objective of the workshops "Tools & support for social entrepreneurs" is to meet and interact with organisations supporting entrepreneurs. As social entrepreneurship is developing strongly in Belgium, several key actors are active to develop this innovative entrepreneurship.

The workshops are led by experts in the field of social entrepreneurship.

The topics of each workshop (in Dutch) :

THEMA A:"Crowdfunding"

THEMA B:"Stimulator of new business models"

THEMA C:"Creatieve workshop"

THEMA D:"Sustainable economy"

THEMA E:"Interactive session on cooperatives."

email Registration required - CONTACT: saskia.crucke@UGent.be

WORKSHOP A - Crowdfunding
(in Dutch)

WORKSHOP C - Creatieve workshop
(in Dutch)

Geraldine Gobert - connector of MakeSense


MakeSense’s mission is to accelerate the impact of social entrepreneurs projects involving the largest number of people around solving their challenges. MakeSense is an open, collaborative project built on a community of passionate people through social entrepreneurship, innovation and Web 2.0. Resolving the challenges of social entrepreneurs happens through ‘creativity’ workshops, the "Hold-Ups", facilitated by members of the MakeSense community and by bringing fifteen people together during two hours.

Meer info over MakeSense

WORKSHOP D - Impulscredit for a sustainable economy
(in Dutch)

Karen Bluekens en Sissi Vlamynck - Hefboom

Hefboom wants to contribute to social and sustainable society. It does this by investing financial resources of individuals and organizations in real projects in the social and sustainable economy. With management advice and services of all kinds Jack also contributes actively to the good governance and the proper functioning of these organizations. In all this, Hefboom has the ambition to work itself economically sustainable.

More info about Hefboom

WORKSHOP E - Interactive session on cooperatives. d
Are you a social entrepreneur in the making?
(in Dutch)

Peter Bosmans - Director of Febecoop Consultancy.

Self-produce renewable energy rather than argue against nuclear power? Grow organic vegetables instead of criticizing the traditional farmer? Dream together and collaborate to start up a company? Do you know that cooperative enterprises are now more than ever the business model of the future? Maybe you are a (future) coopstarter but you just don’t know it yet. Let’s verify it during this workshop.

Febecoop agence conseil is a consulting agency dedicated to social economy and cooperatives in Wallonia and Brussels. Since more than 20 years, the agency supports the development of new social economy projects and strengthens existing enterprises, cooperatives for the greater part. Its goals? To defend, promote and disseminate the co-operative model. This session is proposed with the support of Lifelong Learning Programme.

More info about FEBECOOP

Discover the workshops "Entrepreneurs"

email Registration required - CONTACT: saskia.crucke@UGent.be