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Positive Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

Positive Entrepreneurs Network, created in 2010 by entrepreneurs with the support of Poseco, is the Belgian network of social entrepreneurs. Positive Entrepreneurs are empowering people who base their core business on human, social and ecological values.

What We Do

Connecting social entrepreneurs with eachother and with key stakeholders helping to create economic opportunities. We also inspire entrepreneurs, universities and political authorities for this innovative entrepreneurship.

Why We Do It

To strengthen social entrepreneurs themselves and to develop the movement of social entrepreneurship in Belgium. More social entrepreneurs means more social impact to create a better world.

Workshops Session 2

The interactive workshops in the afternoon are in French and free of charge.

Workshops "SESSION 2" start at 15 :30.

The objective of these workshops "Entrepreneurs" is to meet and interact with those social entrepreneurs, to discover their business model, the different steps in their development, their "drive" and to get inspired.

The entrepreneurs will explain how they manage to combine social impact and sustainable businesses. The speakers act in different sectors of the economy, such as ethical finance, ecological production or social issues.

The topics of each workshop :

SUJET 1 - Creation of a new market

SUJET 2 - Mind map of the evolution of a service provider to a multi-stakeholder cooperative

SUJET 3 - MOVIE : "En quête de sens - A trip beyond our beliefs "

email Registration required - CONTACT: clovens@ulg.ac.be

WORKSHOP B - Mind map of the evolution of a service provider to a multi-stakeholder cooperative (en anglais)

Frisia Donders & Sophie Bodarwé - SMart-responsible of territorial development & partnership of SmartBe

« A multi-stakeholders cooperative (MSC) is, as the name implies, a coop that’s governed by two or more stakeholders groups. These groups can include workers, producers, consumers, owners, volunteers and community supporters. The brilliance of MSCs, also known as solidarity cooperatives, is that the various stakeholders groups throughout an enterprise have a shared vision that prioritizes equality, sustainability and social justice.” Michel Bauwens, founder P2P foundation.

10 offices in Belgium, 55.000 members and presence in 10 European countries : here SMart now. Our organization provides concrete solutions, offers advice, training and administrative tools, legal, tax and financial to simplify and legalize the profession in the creative sector. Beyond the numbers is a community of artists, entertainment technicians and other creators who has made since 1998.

We offer our members solutions to conduct their projects via our contracts and project management systems. We have also introduced a range of financial services to support their achievements.

How to move from one service provider to a MSC? How to build the economy of sharing with our members / users, suppliers and customers, but also within our organization? What are the challenges and risks? Build the mind map with us!

More info about SmartBe

Movie - "En quête de sens"
(Documentary in French)

En quête de sens - Un voyage au delà de nos croyances

Release date: 28 January 2015
Duration: 1 :27
Realized by: Nathanaël Coste & Marc de la Ménardière
With: Vandana Shiva, Pierre Rabhi, Hervé Kempf & Frédéric Lenoir

« En quête de sens » is a documentary project that was born from a view shared by a growing number of citizens: our Western society is sick, the prisoner of a logic that generates more destruction, injustice and frustrations of balance and well being. The need for short-term economic profitability now takes precedence over the general interest in spite of common sense. The predatory logic is becoming the norm, darkens our common future. Marc de la Coste Ménardière and Nathanael, two childhood friends go to meet the agents of change.