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Positive Entrepreneurs

Who We Are

Positive Entrepreneurs Network, created in 2010 by entrepreneurs with the support of Poseco, is the Belgian network of social entrepreneurs. Positive Entrepreneurs are empowering people who base their core business on human, social and ecological values.

What We Do

Connecting social entrepreneurs with eachother and with key stakeholders helping to create economic opportunities. We also inspire entrepreneurs, universities and political authorities for this innovative entrepreneurship.

Why We Do It

To strengthen social entrepreneurs themselves and to develop the movement of social entrepreneurship in Belgium. More social entrepreneurs means more social impact to create a better world.

Who are we?

Inspiration Days are an initiative of the Positive Entrepreneurs Network.This Network was launched by a non-profit organisation called POSECO.


POSECO, a Belgian NGO created in 2003, promotes a positive economy, focussing on sectors such as responsible tourism, social entrepreneurship, fair trade, eco-construction, environmentally-friendly technologies or ethical finance.

To read more about our actions, please visit our website

Le Positive Entrepreneurs Network, created in 2010, is a Belgian network of social entrepreneurs that aims to:
  • Connect : Hook up Positive Entrepreneurs with each other but also with key stakeholders helping to create economic opportunities.
  • Inspire : Promote this innovative model to entrepreneurs, universities and political authorities.

    For more information, please visit the website